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Kathy Zhang

Group Managing Director

Kathy Zhang is the co-founder and Managing Director of Financial PR. She is a visionary brimming with energy, creativity and passion for the investor relations profession. Under her leadership, the Group has earned the reputation as the No. 1 Investor Relations Firm in Singapore. She has also spearheaded the Group’s expansion into regional markets by offering its proprietary SIR services to listed companies in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Kathy holds an MBA from Golden Gate University, California. She continues to drive the business and has her sights set on becoming not just the best IR brand in Singapore, but a name to be reckoned with on the international stage.

Kamal Samuel

Director (Head of Singapore operations)

Kamal Samuel is the Director of Financial PR’s home base in Singapore. Kamal joined Financial PR in July 2006 and was head of the Group’s Technology team before taking on his current position. Having graduated with a degree in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California, Kamal is gifted in communicating complex engineering stories to the broad investment community. He is now responsible for providing clients with strategic advice and strengthening the Group’s position in the Singapore market.

Romil Singh


Romil Singh is a Director at Financial PR. He joined the Group in 2008 and is in-charge of the Group’s Marine & Offshore / Energy practice. Romil was a buy-side analyst prior to joining Financial PR. He holds a Master of Business in Banking & Finance from Monash University, Australia, and an Honours in Mathematics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, India.

Romil has worked on prominent SIR projects in the last few years and most notably at the Yangzijiang Shipbuilding case, where he helped to promote the stock aggressively and brought the counter’s share price from about 30 cts to over 95 cts (its IPO price) in less than a year.

Ngo Yit Sung

Associate Director

Yit Sung is an Associate Director at Financial PR. He joined the Group in 2012 and is in-charge of the Group’s China Focus team. Prior to joining the Group, he was the Corporate & Investor Relations Manager of Dukang Distillers Holdings Ltd from 2008 to 2012.

Despite his short stint at Financial PR, Yit Sung has successfully generated several prominent SIR case studies in investment community engagement as well as crisis management. Notably, Yit Sung led HanKore Environment Tech Group’s investment community engagement programme which more than tripled HanKore’s market capitalization in less than a year. The HanKore case study went on and won the Best Investor Relations Campaign Gold Prize during the 2014 Singapore PR Awards.

Yit Sung holds a Doctorate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National University of Singapore and a 1st Class Honours degree in Electrical and Mechatronics from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.